Brisbane Diploma November Graduates 2018Brisbane Diploma November Graduates 2018

Thanh – It was a life changing experience, that will open doors to job, travel opportunities and self -realisation. Overall it has been a wonderful and enlightening experience that the course could offer me.

Anj – The bonds of friendship made, the amazing support from all the staff and willingness to help me achieve my goals.

Jaime – My highlight was seeing Max and Joe work it on the catwalk while demonstrating trendelenburg Gait

Melody – Loved the laughter while learning and the coaches with real world experience.

Hitomi – The People! Course Coaches, Classmates and Staff, all the people I met here were awesome!

Alberta – I’m going to miss my days in class and clinic. I love this course and the knowledge of the coaches and the support from everyone at QA!

Shelley – Great friendly and challenging environment.

Wendy – The course coaches and administration staff were a pleasure to work with.