Once your course is finished, your career has only just begun. Your learning won’t stop with us, but we’ll always be there to help guide you in whatever way we can. Enjoy the peace of mind that Q Academy will always be there for you.

There is nothing like our Free Resit & Refresh service available anywhere else (that we know of).  We do it because we want all of our students to be the best. To achieve that, we are willing to stand behind what we teach and provide you with the support you need to succeed in this industry.

After you graduate, our resit & refresh service will allow you to*:

  • Re-sit unlimited subjects / Units of Competencies that you had previously passed/gained
  • Redo your course if you need to refresh it all
  • Have access to a support network of experienced course coaches
  • Get help finding work
  • Keep current and up to date in the subjects you have done
  • Refresh your Full Senior First Aid qualification for free

*The Resit & Refresh Service only applies to Q Academy students who have successfully completed their training with Q Academy and for Units of Competencies (UoC’s) they have gained.

*The Resit & Refresh Service is only available for the lifetime of the qualification and does not cover new subjects or new UoC’s that students have not previously studied and passed at Q Academy.

*The ability to resit subjects or UoC’s through the Resit & Refresh Service does not include the right to resit any assessments or receive new statement of attainments or qualifications.

Save on the first aid refresher course

As a practising massage therapist, you must renew your First Aid every three years to remain registered with your association, insurance and health funds. For a busy therapist, this can be a hassle and an annoying extra fee.

As a Q Academy graduate, you are entitled to these refreshers for the subjects you have completed here, for free, for the rest of your career.

A First Aid renewal will generally cost upwards of $100 every three years. Save this expense by enrolling with Q Academy, and take advantage of the Resit & Refresh service.

Student for life – testimonials

Lyn Cameron – I completed my Certificate IV in October 2009 and due to travel commitments I was unable to continue straight into the Diploma. Thanks to Q Academy’s ‘Student for Life’ policy, I was able to return in 2010 and resit my Certificate IV, at no extra charge so that I felt refreshed and confident to begin my Diploma.