‘Participating in AFL clinic was a really worthwhile experience! It felt great to be a valued part of the team as I assisted in the warm-up & recovery of the umpires. It gave me insight into working with serious athletes & real injuries, whilst having the support of Brett to give guidance when needed. It was a valuable part of my massage training!’– Student

‘I haven’t had much to do with semi-professional or elite athletes in the past but the AFL clinic opportunity provided by Q Academy has been awesome! I have gained a greater understanding of the pressures that athletes place on their bodies and the type of treatment they require to remain functioning at their peak. I totally recommend this for anyone studying remedial therapy, particularly if your goal is to work within the sporting sector.’ – Dean, Student

‘Students enjoy coming to AFL Umpires training because it gives them access to a different environment from the day-to-day Student Clinic. They get to be part of a team and assist athletes in their preparation for game day. The umpires enjoy having us there and appreciate the time and effort that the students put in. It is a great opportunity to see a different type of client in a different location to the on-campus clinic. It gives students experience working with athletes in a training environment and helps them pursue a career working with elite athletes and sports teams.’ – Brett, Course Coach


In 2019 Q Academy’s Remedial Sports Therapy students may have the opportunity to work with athletes of the Brisbane Roar, to help with their athlete recovery programs. Our students and coaching team are very excited to see this partnership develop and grow in the future.

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