Why Massage Is So Important

Massage, or the manipulation of the muscles and tissues of the body by the hands, arms and occasionally feet, is a wonderful and highly valuable part of our medical treatment. When performed correctly, it can assist in the alleviation of various health problems including chronic or acute pain, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and joint pain. As well as this, it has the well-known effect of deeply relaxing the muscles, leading to increased ability to repair and maintain optimum health and elasticity, and causing sensations of well-being and peace. Massage is arguably one of humanitys very earliest methods of treating illness and injury, as it requires nothing more to perform than a pair of hands and a willing subject, and is therefore among the cheapest and most accessible forms of medical treatment that we have at our disposal.

Over the centuries, and all over the planet, basic techniques became refined and specialised into dozens of new approaches, such as Shiatsu, Thai, Swedish, and traditional Chinese. Now we also have a range of techniques such as hot-stone and hydrotherapy, which utilise tools rather than hands or feet; furthermore, many specifically-adapted techniques such as lymphatic draining have been developed that target specific conditions.

Anyone can learn massage there are hundreds of massage courses available in the Queensland area, and prices range from competitive to prohibitive, so be sure to shop around wisely! If you wish to seriously study massage, perhaps to achieve the Diploma of Remedial Massage (the highest qualification in Australia), expect to pay a few thousand dollars and attend courses for at least three months. Massage is unregulated in Australia, meaning that just about anyone can pick up some oils and towels and start practising but qualifications still go a long way towards establishing credibility and a solid customer base.

There are courses available for all requirements, from the accreditation route to the introductory courses just designed to put the student at ease and encourage the confidence to give massages to partners, friends or family. Even if you already consider yourself a reasonable masseur or masseuse, taking a course is a great way to brush up on your skills and learn a few new ones while youre at it!