Why Choose Q-Academy to Study Massage Online

Whether you are looking to change your career path, but have to work a full time job, or have other commitments that make it impossible for you to follow your dream of becoming a nationally recognised massage therapist, online courses have gained popularity in the 20th century making it easier than ever to study courses and achieve recognised qualifications. Since 2008, Q-Academy has been helping students achieve their goals. From courses you will enjoy and knowledgeable professionals who are there to help you every step of the way, to flexible schedules and numerous campuses and help centres across Australia, they will help you to achieve your dreams whatever your circumstances.

As an accredited massage therapist school, Q-Academy proudly provides those looking to study relaxation or remedial therapy with a flexible course. Why should you choose Q-Academy over other online courses?

– Studying massage therapy at Q-Academy can be a rewarding experience that leads to the job of your dreams.

– The online massage courses at Q-Academy allow you to graduate with the same fully accredited qualification as those studying the courses on campus.

– While Q-Academy does require a mixture of on-campus remedial training and 100 hours of work experience in their clinic, it is a flexible course that works with you and allows you to learn the theory of the course and study massage online from the comfort of your home.

– Fun interactive lessons, unlimited support and the flexibility of the program sets you up for success.

What You Will Learn

During your online massage course you will learn about different types of massage therapy. From Swedish and sports massage to extensive orthopaedic methods, Q-Academy follows a modern, science based syllabus that will give you unique advantages in the massage industry once you have completed your studies.

Massage courses online are making it easier than ever to achieve your goals and become a fully qualified massage therapist. Studying your massage course at Q-Academy will open the door to endless job opportunities you wouldnt get otherwise. Whether you want to continue studying a specific area of massage therapy once you have completed your initial course, or get straight to work, Q-Academy guarantees satisfaction to students who successfully complete the massage therapy course.