What is Flame Cupping?

Cupping is a very popular form of therapy that helps to relieve muscle pain and assist in facial release.

Read on to find out where this ancient practice originates, and what it involves …

What is cupping, exactly?
Cupping is a therapy that originated in China. In fact, the technique of placing cups on the skin to create a suction has been practised for centuries. The therapy was originally performed with the use of animal horns, and later the cups were made from bamboo and then ceramic. Nowadays, therapists use cups made from glass or plastic.

The therapy helps to improve blood circulation, helping to relieve muscle tension. Nowadays, the technique is used for a number of purposes, from workout recovery and the treatment of certain sports injuries, to general pain relief.

What does the process involve?
There are two types of cupping therapy: dry and wet. During both methods of cupping treatment, the therapist places a cup (generally made from glass or plastic) on the skin. The cup is then heated with fire and suctioned onto the area of treatment. When the heated cup is placed on the skin, the air inside the cup cools down, creating a kind of vacuum effect that pulls the skin and muscle up into the cup. The cups are left in place for a set period of time before they are removed.

During wet cupping, the therapist makes small incisions in the skin after removing the cups. A second round of cupping is then performed in order to draw out a small amount of blood.

What is cupping used for?
Cupping can be used to treat a number of conditions, and is most popular for its ability to alleviate muscle tension and pain. It can also be used as a complementary treatment for a range of health conditions. It’s best to speak to your massage therapist and physician about any health issues you have before you undergo the treatment.

At Q Academy, we offer a short course in traditional flame cupping. During the course, you will learn the art of safely using flame or glass cups. You will have the opportunity to practise performing a full body treatment with a variety of cupping techniques, and learn how to treat a range of common issues with the therapy.

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