Student Clinics A Great Experience For Everyone

Have you ever wanted to try a relaxing, deep tissue sports massage but didnt think you could afford it? Well now you can! Massage students are always on the lookout for willing volunteers to practice on! By visiting a student clinic, not only will you bag yourself a great treatment at little to no cost, but youll also be helping a good cause. All you need to do is lie back, relax, and think about how youll be doing your body, your pocket and your local community a good turn.

What Are Student Clinics?

Whatever their speciality, all healthcare students have to complete a set number of clinical hours before they can officially qualify as practitioners. Many colleges set up their own student clinics to provide a safe environment where students can get hands on experience and gain confidence in the wide array of skills they will need when they eventually start to practice. Theoretical knowledge is useless without practical experience. Unfortunately, there can often be a lack of willing volunteers to practice on.

All our student clinics at Q-Academy aim to provide good quality clinical training, while at the same time offering an affordable massage service to the general public. This way everyones a winner! The students get to practice, and the college gets to educate the public about the benefits of massage while promoting the courses on offer.

What to expect:

If you sign up for a student massage, youll receive the same level of treatment and care as you would expect from a fully trained practitioner. All students are closely supervised by qualified, experienced staff at every stage of the process, so you can rest assured youll be in safe hands. Although most people expect to get straight onto the couch for a relaxing massage, be prepared to have the student take a full case history on your initial visit. Learning to take case studies in a professional manner is an important aspect of massage training.

The session may last up to ninety minutes in total, but its always best to check in advance. Its advisable to set aside a full afternoon for your initial treatment as youll get the most out of your session if you take time out to relax afterwards.

If youre thinking about registering for one of our courses, a visit to the clinic is a great way to see our work in action and experience the benefits of massage first hand. Youre guaranteed a top quality treatment at a rock bottom price, and importantly, all the money raised from treatments goes back to the College to fund further training. Not only are you helping current students complete their massage courses, youre also contributing to the future success of the college.

If you think you may benefit from any of the treatments Q-Academy has to offer and are willing to give our students some valuable clinical experience, click here to see our opening times, or give us a call. We run clinics in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.