Q Academy Supports Local Heroes

Approximately 90% of Australian Defence Force members have experienced at least one potentially traumatic event at some time in their life.

Statistics show that our Australian Defence Force is increasingly affected by such events with approximately 8.3% of ADF members having experienced PTSD in the last 12 months, which is significantly higher than in the Australian community (5.2%).

Q Academy is supporting our local heroes by offering one free monthly massage to past and current members of the Australian Defence Force, Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Police Service, and Queensland Fire & Emergency Services who are receiving treatment for PTSD.

Former state police officer and Q Academy helping our hero’s patient comments on the effects of PTSD and the management if the symptoms.

“I have received various treatments to assist with my PTSD, but it appears that it is a life-long diagnosis. I have found that it is matter of acceptance and management that gets me through.”

“I find massage a great method to assist in my PTSD management and like to be able to zone out for the duration of the massage and enjoy the experience. I always leave feeling positive and so much better than when I arrived,” says the former state police officer.

“I am extremely grateful that Q Academy runs this program and has allowed me to be a part of it. Unfortunately, you are very easily forgotten when you are discharged from your Duties and it can be very disheartening. It goes so much further than the gesture of providing the massage, it is about feeling that someone cares for you if you have an injury and recognises your service.”

This initiative is available at all four Q Academy locations across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Each location is well equipped to provide the necessary massage to help PTSD sufferers.

“Our hope is that by providing a service to allow these sufferers to relax and enjoy some time to themselves we can do our part in giving back to the heroes who served our communities.” —Robert Vogues Q Academy Director

A 2012 study focusing on how integrative therapies can help promote reintegration among veterans found that those participants who received massage therapy reported significant reductions in physical pain, tension, irritability, anxiety/worry, and depression.

*Each individual can redeem up to one free massage per month. Valid for up to 12 months, subject to availability. Prior to receiving massage and/or myotherapy treatments at one of Q Academy’s student clinics, the individual’s treating physician must supply their written approval (along with their contact details). Q Academy RT) 31896