Good Massage Techniques

An efficacious body massage or therapy as many call it is an unutterable sigh, deeply seated in the depths of the body. Now the question is; how do your customers or even your better half appreciate your massage? How frequently do you get a sigh of relief from them once youre done? By adopting good massage techniques, you can make it someones opium, making them return regularly just to feel your hands knead their joints and muscles. However, you have to learn and practice to become an excellent masseur or masseuse.

Most people always question their methods and their effectiveness in bringing out that sensation in the people they massage. Little do they understand that the reception of a massage always depends on the mood and the environment. To begin with, you have to have a relaxing environment which may automatically generate the mood and make sure that this environment is uncluttered. Carefully select your music or soundtrack and have an ideal surface for the recipient to feel comfortable on and be adequately supported.

Apart from your hands, there are several other things you have to invest in depending on the type of massage to be offered. For instance, you may need to have some towels; a small pillow to support the head; massage oils; and scent.

You should always target the major muscle groups such as the back, shoulders, neck and the legs. You should distribute your operation, majoring on different muscles to alleviate most of the stress and avoid causing any damage. You can begin with the shoulders then to the neck, down to the arms then hands. Massaging can be compared to clay modelling; you should do as if you were sculpturing a human portrait from a lump of clay. Press and squeeze uniformly and firmly so that the receiver can get used to you. Once youre done with the upper body, you can go to the lower back then to the thighs and finally the feet. With a light touch of effleurage, retrace back your path to the beginning as you finish.

To learn massage effectively, you should enrol at a massage school and then practice to perfect your skills.