Fact or Myth: Learn Massage and Get a High Salary

Once you have taken a professional massage you will find that a lot of massage therapy job opportunities open up. You may choose to work for a massage therapy clinic, health and wellness spa, chiropractic and rehabilitation centre, or maybe a hospital, even private companies. Another option is to become a private practitioner, this would allow you to set your own rate and follow your own schedule.

But how much a massage therapist makes depends on a lot of factors. Education is number one on the list. Where a massage therapist learned his or her skills is taken into consideration as well as the type of massage courses they took. Accredited massage schools like those on the Gold Coast are much more noted. How much experience they have had in providing massage therapy is also taken into account. These are the initial points an employer looks at when determining the hourly pay of a massage therapist. Additional income may come in the form of tips and commissions.

However, once a massage therapist has gained enough knowledge in providing a massage service and has gained experience in running a massage and wellness business, and obviously have built up a good client list, most of them decide to work freelance and move away from the traditional massage business.

As a private practitioner, massage therapists often offer home services, but there are also those who provide a massage service in not so common areas like parks, beaches, and offices. The opportunities are endless as long as they can find a place where their prospective customers can sit or lay down comfortably. Because of the seemingly endless opportunities, the amount earned by a massage therapist is only limited to how many customers they can take on in a day.