Could Massage Be The Answer To The Stress Epidemic?

As a massage therapist there is a strong likelihood that a large proportion of your clientele will be made up of people with stress related issues. Modern life is almost synonymous with stress and anxiety, and more and more people are turning to massage as a way of re-charging their batteries and finding space to escape their everyday pressures and worries. Massage is no longer being seen as a luxury, but as a key therapy to promote and maintain well-being.

Its a sad fact that around 43% of all adults currently suffer adverse health effects caused by stress and anxiety, and the number of people attending medical centres with stress related conditions is on the rise. The outcome of this trend is that more people than ever are turning to massage therapy as a way of empowering themselves to deal with their ill health.

Successful modern therapists realise that nowadays it isnt enough to simply treat aching joints, muscle pain and injuries. Its crucial to have a deep understanding of the nature of stress, and the role it has to play in helping a client back to recovery, or preventing ill health.

Although stress is an inevitable part of life and can even at times be a positive thing, if a person faces continuous challenges without relief or relaxation in between, then tension and anxiety can begin to build, inevitably leading to ill health. Massage therapists can play a vital role in helping clients learn to manage stress, thereby avoiding illness.

So How Does Massage Help?

Massage, particularly when combined with the use of essential oils, is renowned for its therapeutic effects and its ability to help combat stress and anxiety.

1. It can be a viable alternative for those wishing to avoid taking medication for anxiety related conditions.
2. It reduces muscle tension, creating an immediate sense of well-being
3. It is highly beneficial in helping to regulate sleep patterns in people whose stress levels are causing insomnia or other sleep related issues.
4. There are a wide variety of massage treatments available to suit the individuals particular needs. Techniques can also be taught so that partners or close relatives can use massage therapy whenever they face stressful or anxious situations.
5. Massage has been shown to have a direct therapeutic effect by relieving stress related conditions such as tension headaches, raised blood pressure and depression.

Studying stress and the devastating effects it can have on health and well-being is an integral part of all our massage courses here at Q-Academy. Our up to date, science based training is taught by highly qualified, practicing therapists who will teach you all the necessary techniques to deal with clients presenting with stress related conditions. This valuable life skill will not only prepare you for the realities of daily practice, but will also be beneficial to you in your everyday life.

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