Corporate Massage Good For Business?

Stress is the number one reason people quote when making the decision to quit their job. It causes high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic headaches, an inability to focus, and a range of other complaints. In fact, a recent study in the US showed that anxiety and stress was costing top companies up to 25 billion dollars a year, and so it is no surprise that employers are starting to wake up to the idea that by investing in the well-being of their staff they are also investing in their business. Companies are starting to look at new ways to reduce stress in the workplace, and corporate massage is becoming big news.

People who work 9-5 do not always have the time to fit in a treatment, but it seems that when asked, a high percentage of people would take advantage of a massage if it could be fitted into a lunch or coffee break during working hours.

A short ten minute treatment can be very effective at combating the general aches and pains office workers commonly experience from sitting at a computer all day. Studies have shown that people who receive regular massage as part of a benefits package at work are less likely to call in sick, and more likely to want to remain with their employer. Among other things, massage can help reduce instances of migraine and repetitive strain injury, improve sleep patterns and blood flow to the brain, and boost mood and energy levels.

Many newly qualified students from our massage school here on the Gold Coast, are taking note of the fact that by moving out of the clinical environment and taking therapy into the workplace, they can treat lots of clients in a short space of time. In addition, they do not have to fork out huge amounts of money on start up kit and products. The benefits for the client are also clear. The cost is minimal compared with that of a full treatment session, and they can arrange to have the massage at a time and location that is convenient to them. For some newly qualified therapists, corporate massage is a great way to get their career off the ground.

So what does it involve?

There is no need to worry about having to undress or getting your hair messed up, and you wont have to have the treatment in front of other colleagues. Therapists provide a seated chair massage which doesnt involve the use of oils, and concentrates on the shoulders, neck, back, hands and sometimes feet, as these are the areas most affected by long hours of work. The focus is on increasing energy and reducing muscle fatigue. Some therapists use reflexology or Indian head massage, depending on their training. All of these options can be adapted for the office environment and have been shown to reduce workplace stress.

So from the point of view of both the masseur and the employer, corporate massage can definitely only be good for business.