Benefits of a Career in Massage Therapy

What is it about massage therapy that caught your interest? Have you always had an interest in massage, or you’ve been told that you’d make a great therapist? What about being able to work for yourself, and have more control over your schedule? Perhaps it’s because you want to be able to help clients move well and feel better?

Whatever the reason – it’s all possible with massage therapy, and we want to help you achieve your goal!

Changing careers is an investment in both your time and money. So, it’s important to make sure that you select a course and a training provider that helps you achieve the best outcome.

Would you love a career that is health-driven?
Would you love to be your own boss?
Would you love a career where you can choose your own hours?
Would you love to bring new skills to an existing career?


Benefits of a Career in Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage is a rewarding career, where you can help your clients recover from pain and injury, or help them unwind and relieve stress. With your knowledge and skills you can diagnose dysfunctions; treat and relieve areas of discomfort; provide clients with at-home tools such as stretching and exercise; to help improve their overall condition. If you find real joy in helping people – massage could be for you.

Once you’ve established yourself in the industry and have built a solid career and client-base, there are also pathways to further study. The exciting thing about complementary health is that there is always more to learn as the industry grows and improves. This means you could go on to study Myotherapy or a range of short courses such as cupping, tens, dry needling etc., to meet the evolving needs of your clients and to further your own knowledge and practical skills.

The industry is growing each year, with the demand for massage therapists being stronger than ever. Massage therapists are the most sought-after practitioner in Complementary health. Jobs are expected to experience very strong growth over the next five years, with an overall growth rate of 20.2% over 2018-2023 to 23,900 workers.

A national study conducted in 2017 regarding complementary health showed that two out of three Australians use some kind of complementary medicine or therapy. This is consistent with previous studies indicating that complementary medicine is strongly used and delivered in Australian healthcare. With the strong adoption of massage therapy services and employment opportunities in the next few years, this could be a rewarding industry to be a part of.

To see what career opportunities we offer and how we help students get started, check out our Jobs Board, where hundreds of employers have advertised job opportunities hoping to attract our Q Academy graduates.

Reasons why massage therapists are in high demand:

  • People are seeking ways to relax in an increasingly stressful world
  • Therapeutic massage is more recognised and accepted as a valid treatment option for many health conditions
  • Increased popularity of massage for routine health and wellness maintenance
  • Aging population needing relief from aches and pains, and recovery from injuries and surgeries
  • There is even more need for human connection in this time of social distancing

How to Achieve Your Goal?

If you’ve made it this far, it sounds like massage therapy is a field that you can see yourself in. Fantastic! We want to give you the training and guidance you need to earn the qualification to help you achieve your career goals.

If you see yourself in private practice working alongside other healthcare professionals like physiotherapists or osteopaths – Remedial Massage could be for you.

If you’d prefer to treat clients in a day spa, home, or mobile clinic – Relaxation Massage could be for you.

Whatever your goals are, we want to hear about them! So whether you’re located remotely, have a busy family or work schedule, or want to learn more about our Government finance or funding options, we encourage you to organise a time to speak with one of our Career Specialists today!


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