4 Things You Might Not Know About The Benefits of Massage

While there are many different massage techniques and treatment options available, there are a number of widely accepted health benefits common to all forms of massage therapy.

The following are some of our favourite benefits of massage…


  1. It reduces muscular pain
    Although most forms of massage will help to reduce muscular pain, hot stone therapy has gained popularity for its combination of relaxing and curative benefits. During a hot stone massage, heated stones are placed on various parts of the body. The stones that are used in this form of massage are specially selected for their ability to retain heat. If you suffer from muscle pain and tension, hot stone massage can be particularly helpful because the warmth of the rocks helps to relieve discomfort and increase blood flow to the affected muscles. The use of heated rocks can also help to reduce spasms and improve range of motion in tight muscles.
  2. It may ease symptoms of certain autoimmune diseases
    In a study published in JCR: Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, researchers found that massage could relieve some of the painful symptoms caused by conditions such as fibromyalgia. During the study, 24 fibromyalgia patients were given 30-minute massage therapy treatments twice a week, for five weeks. Across the course of the study, the patients reported an increase in sleep hours, and the patient’s’ physician noted a decrease in their substance P levels, the substance responsible for transmitting pain signals in the body.  
  3. It can help manage stress
    Anyone who has been for a massage will tell you how relaxing a treatment can be, and there are a number of studies that verify that the therapy can be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. For example, a study published in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine found that a massage of just 10 minutes improved certain cardiovascular responses and was effective in inducing relaxation.
  4. It aids sleep
    Massage of all kinds can be very beneficial when it comes to promoting sleep. And, interestingly, it’s a benefit that’s not limited to adults. According to a study in the journal Early Child Development and Care, babies who were having trouble sleeping went to sleep much faster after their parents gave them just a 15-minute massage. On top of that, the infants were reportedly more alert and active after waking.We offer a number of massage courses to cater for all levels of training, experience and career goals. Most of our courses require no previous massage experience and make a great starting point for a career in the manual therapies.

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