Benefits of Studying On Campus

Science Based Curriculum

All our courses are science-based and have been written by a specialist team, using the same textbooks and reference materials as physiotherapists, osteopaths and myotherapists. Current, high-level, quality learning materials are guaranteed.

Over 80% Graduation Rates

We have one of the highest student graduation rates in our industry; with almost 80% of students completing their enrolled course. It is the motivated, supportive and experienced Q Academy team that helps our students get to graduation.

Very High Student Satisfaction rates

In February 2019 the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) conducted a survey of over 500 of our Q Academy graduates and students and 93% of the respondents indicated that they would recommend studying at Q Academy to their friends and family.

Competitive Fees & Payment Options

To help students start studying sooner, we offer 3 different payment options for eligible courses. Up-front and self-funded, or through loan services such as MacCredit or the Government’s VET Student Loan Scheme.

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