Arranging Accommodation

The cost of accommodation in Australia varies from state to state and the cost of renting accommodation while studying can be high. Many international students choose to share accommodation to keep costs down. Most international students choose to rent a home
with friends or find people to share with through websites. It is important to stay safe when searching for accommodation or people to share online.

Where to look, accommodation Websites:

For information on renting in QLD refer to the RTA website

Living expenses

Starting from 1 February 2018, a single international student requires a minimum of $20,290 to cover living expenses for 12 months of study. In their visa application, students are required by the Department of Home Affairs to declare they have enough money to pay for travel, tuition, and living expenses for the duration of their stay in Australia.

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Additional Information

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Visiting the Campus

If you are driving, feel free to park in front of the campus.

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