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Receive a “Term 8 FREE” SCHOLARSHIP (Save $1,462) to Study Remedial Massage

You Can then DOUBLE YOUR INCOME and EARN $40 -$55 /Hour

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International Students Scholarship Opportunitiess

Q Academy is offering all international students the opportunity to receive our “Term 8 FREE” Scholarship, saving $1,463, for enrolling into our HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage [CRICOS#122402F] program starting in Q1 2024.

The Problem

(Reduced Visa working hours & increasing expenses)

  • The cost of accommodation and living in Brisbane has increased in the last 12 months by over 18% but real incomes have only increased by 2%
  • With the “Covid” visa expiring this year international students will be required to reduce their authorised working hours by 40% from 40 hours/week down to 24 hours/week.
  • Average Hospitality, Food delivery and casual labour industries are only offering $15 – $25/hr.

Therefore many International students, currently working on a “Covid” visa, are going to find it increasingly difficult to have to now add the cost of study again to their weekly expenses while at the same time having to reduce their working hours by 40%.

The Solution

(Increase your income per hour)

  • Allied Health and Remedial Massage Therapy clinics have a significant shortage of registered and qualified massage therapist that Q Academy cannot fill, and many are offering starting rates of $40 – $55/hour.
  • Q Academy Student Massage Therapists can gain sufficient foundational skills after 3-4 months in our program to be insured and registered by industry associations and can start working in clinics and earn $40 – $55 and hour while they are still studying and be able to earn double the income of the Hospitality industry.
  • Q Academy is Queensland’s largest Massage training college that has graduated over 3,0000 Australian massage therapists in the last 20 years and currently graduates over 50% of all Remedial Massage Therapist in QLD each year.
  • Many clinic owners and managers are our past graduates and are advertising for new staff every day on our www.qacademy.com.au “Jobs” page that we can’t fill.
  • International students can now join our Australian students in the same high-quality programs, in our 3 CRICOS approved campuses (Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast).

Your Opportunity To Save

Q Academy is providing our “Term # 8 for FREE” Scholarship in the HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage (105 week) program for all International students enrolling in Q1 2024 and starting within the next 6 months of enrolling, to help them enter a financially rewarding industry.

With a “Term 8 FREE” Scholarship you will save $1,463 from your course fee, just after passing the mid way point of your program.

The real benefit of the Scholarship is not the course fees you save but the new skills you can quickly learn, so that you are able to earn up to a $1000, in just a 24 hour work week.

What is also unique is that you can start work as a Student Massage Therapists after just a few months of study, to learn the fundamental skills, and you can then be registered and insured to work as a Student Massage Therapist and earn $40+/Hr.

You can choose to study in any one of the 3 campuses and even relocate between them if you wish, at any time.

Dates When Scholarships Will Be Awarded


  • OPENS – 1st December 2023
  • CLOSES – End March 2024

How To Gain A “Term 8 FREE” Scholarship

All eligible International Student with appropriate visa(s) to study in Australia can receive the “Term 8 FREE” Scholarship by:

– Participated in our Online “Double Your Income” workshop or attended a live Q Academy “Double Your Income” workshop, held either on a Q Academy campus or your agent’s premises, to discover all the information on our programs plus Scholarship information.

Visited a Q Academy campus or contacted a Q Academy team member to:

  • register your name
  • provide evidence you have a valid Visa
  • provide evidence that you have met our English proficiency level requirement of ELTS 5.5 (overall score) with no less than 5.0 in each band.
  • Evidence that you can start within 6 months
  • Show you have participated in a live or online “Double Your Income” workshop
  • Completed your enromnent process by the end of March 2024.

Student Eligibility Requirements

  • Student must be a foreign national that is on a valid visa for Australia
  • Student must have an English proficiency level of ELTS 5.5 (overall score) with no less than 5.0 in each band.
  • Student must be eligible to commence study within 6 months of the Scholarship grant date

Scholarship Rules And Terms & Conditions

  • Scholarship will be withdrawn if not commenced within 6 months of the date of grant.
  • The HLT52021 Diploma of Remedial Massage program must be completed within 2 year from starting the program as the Scholarship will then expire.
  • The Scholarship can only be used by the Scholarship winner.
  • The Scholarship cannot be on-sold to another person.
  • The Scholarship can not be refunded, transferred or deferred.
  • The Scholarship can not be exchanged for another course.

Q Academy retains the right to change the terms and conditions as it sees fit and can decide if the Scholarship program is to be extended or be terminated at any time.

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