Direct Credit Transfer (DCT)

This is available if you already hold a matching Unit of Competency. It has to be a valid unit, issued by an Australian RTO that we can verify. The unit code and title must exactly match the unit within our course. Depending on when it was issued we may also undertake a process to ensure currency of knowledge. If all of this is met, you are granted DCT without any cost.

To review the full list of units for a course you are interested in studying, please consult the course competencies tab of the relevant course page.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

This is a very common request and is most times misunderstood by people seeking RPL. The first thing to understand about RPL is that it is not a simple process, and can often be costly. Generally, we would encourage individuals to complete a similar or same unit included in the course as a chance to refresh one’s knowledge of the subject.

If you would still like to go ahead with RPL, the first step is to consult our hand RPL flowchart. This will help you self-assess your eligibility and the best way forward.

You may also wish to review our RPL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Guide here. Or our RPL Policy, here. Once you have read all of the documents and think you qualify for DCT or RPL, please contact your nearest campus on 1300 20 40 80.

The Careers Specialist will require that you email through copies of your transcripts or qualifications in order to begin the RPL or DCT process.

To find out if you are eligible for RPL or DCT, please email a copy of your transcript(s) to your campus’ RPL Specialist.

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