Wondering What It's Like To Study At Q Academy?

So, you’re interested in a career in massage therapy?

And you should – with an increasing number of people becoming more aware of the importance of personal health, people in health-related industries have a fantastic range of new and exciting career opportunities.

When you choose to study at Q Academy, you are choosing an educator that puts you first.

We’re focused on turning you into the best therapist you can be.

You will be taught by coaches who not only have a deep understanding of the science of massage therapy but who also have real industry experience. They know what’s relevant for you, and they will encourage you to ask questions and provide extra guidance if needed.

Every lesson is also aimed at being fun and interactive as we understand that you’ll learn more when you’re enjoying yourself!

Take a look for yourself…

At Q Academy, we believe it is so important to share knowledge not just with students, but the wider community. Education is such a valuable tool and in one way, shape or form, everyone should be given access to it.

These lessons will give you an idea of some of the things that you can learn if you are a student at Q Academy and we truly hope that they will be of value to you.

Face and Head Massage

Foot Massage Lesson

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