What is Q Academy’s FLEX learning?

FLEX learning combines the best features of self-directed study and self-paced screen-based delivery in a classroom environment, under the supervision and guidance of an experienced Course Coach.

Key Features

  • You control which lessons you want to study on campus or at home
  • You control which on-campus FLEX study days you want to attend each week
  • You control how fast or slow you progress through the course
  • Your FLEX learning rooms have high-speed internet as well as massage tables and equipment for all your training
  • Your FLEX coach will provide answers and explanations to any questions you may have in real-time


  • Study at the pace you feel is most effective for you (compared to having to keep up with the pace of a class)
  • You can spend as much time on each lesson as you need and review them as many times as you wish
  • In the FLEX learning centre you have the support of a Course Coach and can ask questions without slowing down a class
  • In the FLEX learning centre, you can practice your massage techniques on fellow FLEX students (afternoon session)
  • You have the flexibility to schedule holidays when desired or have unscheduled breaks due to work or family commitments

Why could FLEX on-campus Learning be right for you?

WE know that not everybody can commit to being available in class on the same days, each week, for a whole year, due to the uncertainty of employment and work requirements or the many needs of looking after family.

The Q Academy FLEX on-campus program gives you the flexibility to adjust WHEN, WHAT and WHERE you study, through the freedom of studying online when you want to, combined with the first class support and guidance of learning and training on-campus when you attend.  

Here are just a few examples of situations where enrolling into a FLEX on-campus program could be a better solution than enrolling into a normal on-campus fixed schedule class or a fully flexible on-line program

  • School holidays – Parent(s) wanting to be at home or go away with their kids during all the school holidays (12 weeks year)
  • FIFO workers – e.g. 2weeks on (study online) then 2 weeks home (study on campus)
  • Planned long breaks – Overseas Holidays, Weddings, Maternity leave, work obligations, planned surgeries,
  • Unplanned medical emergencies
  • Employment uncertainties (Flex schedule allows you to go to interviews days and change working days without missing lectures)

That is why we have combined the flexibility and convenience of studying online with the support and guidance of studying on-campus, under the supervision of our Senior Course Coaches, so you get the best of both worlds and be able to fit study into your schedule, not ours.

FLEX Learning, The smart way to fit study into your schedule, not just ours.

Discover if FLEX Learning is right for you

If you are interested in studying massage and believe that FLEX Learning is the best option for you, get in contact with our friendly team who can walk you through your options.

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