Short Course Detail

Course Description Traditional Thai Massage is thought to have been practiced for over 2000 years in Thailand, with therapists using their hands, knees and feet during treatments. The theory behind traditional Thai massage is based on traditional Thai medicine and the premise that the human body contains 10 energy lines (sen), which extend the full length of the body.

Thai massage style combines stretching and deep sustained pressure using palms, knees and elbows. It is performed fully clothed on a firm mat on the ground. It’s fun and interesting for the therapist to perform and also highly effective for the person receiving the treatment. This workshop will teach the Northern style of traditional Thai massage and will incorporate some Shiatsu style of meridian work.

You will learn:

- How to perform a full-body treatment moving the body in a seated position
- Massage table sequence adaptations
Course Delivery On-Campus
Entry Requirements Some massage, bodywork or treatment experience is required. Suitable physical fitness and mobility is also required. As the techniques require movement and physical strength similar to that used in a yoga class.
Course Cost $400
Course Duration 2 day weekend course from 9.30am – 4pm each day
Please Bringa large towel and a small hand towel. Must wear loose clothing or active wear allows mobility.