Gold Coast September 2013 Part Time Diploma Graduates

Alicia: the last 8 months have definitely had its ups and downs but thanks to all of the staff and caches for their support and encouragement. Have made some great friends and look forward to the journey ahead. Good luck Everyone!!

Ryan: Special thanks to the staff and teachers for providing an awesome learning environment and making the last year of studies enjoyable. Will leave Q Academy with new friends and great practical skills. Best wishes for the future.

Piyanut: I would like to give my special thanks to all coaches and all my lovely friends for supporting me during studying here. I enjoy to study the massage course at Q Academy and again thanks for everything

Reece: Thank you for all the coaches, staff and classmates for a fun year of learning

Toni: Thank you to the staff of Q academy for their encouragement and support. It has been an awesome learning Experience, along with a great bunch of people. I will leave with lots of great techniques, knowledge and connections. Thank you.

Judy: With a medical background behind me, i have really enjoyed learning so much more about the human body. This course has enhanced my profession as a nurse as well as providing me with another qualification. I now have a fantastic tool box for my future. Very exciting . Thank you.

Fena: What a fun and challenging past 8 months. Big thanks to coaches and fellow students for all of the support and friendships made along the way. Definitely excited to be finished. Congrats everyone.

Amy: Such an amazing feeling to have completed this course with an awesome bunch of people. Feel very lucky to have made some life-long friendships and look forward to putting my new knowledge into practice.

Julia: Wow, feels like such an amazing achievement. It has gone so fast. We learnt so many new skills, so proud to have completed such a great course. Lots of learning, laughter and new friends. Thanks Q

Naomi: I have been massaging for 8 years, thought i was just coming to do my time to get my private health number, i was mistaken! I have learnt so much, made great friends. My clients constantly say i have changed my style for the better, seeing quicker results being more effective.
Thank you for all the extra support. All of the staff, you guys are amazing 🙂 Love from your massage Angel.

Karen: What an experience, a big thank you to staff, teachers, and fellow students. We had some great times. Yeah we did it !!! what a fantastic achievement at 52 years of age. Well worth it 🙂

Sasha: Where do i begin? The last 6 months have definitely proven to be challenging and exhausting, but i am excited and proud to have completed the course. A big thank you to the coaches for your patience and dedication in each class. To my fellow students- You are all Legends!!! Thanks for the help, tears and laughs.