Gold Coast March 2013 Graduating Full Time Class

Joanna: What a fabulous experience loved every minute of it. Will miss you very much. I love the class to bits and know that we will be in contact for years to come. I love it here, Sarah, Chris, Neil, Sandra and Jeff you are amazing! Will miss you

Miki: I had a wonderful experience! My massage skill and knowledge have so improved. Thank you very much Sandra, Chris, Jeff, Kat,
Sarah and Neil. Was a great experience of clinic. Thanks a lot Sarah for all of your help. Will miss you and i will be back !

Paul: A great experience and very professional. From first day meeting Sarah to starting in class the very next day. It was the best decision i have made. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting the staff and getting the know everyone. Thank you Sandra, Chris, jeff, Dytie, Kat for all of your help and support.

Cat: Had so much fun- i was excited to come to class every day and to learn new things. The class was made up of such lovely and beautiful souls and it felt like a second home. Can’t wait to start diploma. Will miss everyone when I’m not there.

Danielle: Never regret being in enrolled at Q Academy. I met great people and coaches are supportive. I definitely recommend the other therapists to come study here. Going to miss Joanna and Miki.

Lester: I loved coming to Q Academy and meeting lovely group of people. No regrets. Love you guys.

Rachel: Thank you Q Academy for the amazing life changing experience you have given me through Knowledge, support, friendship and love you provide every day without fail. Learning has been a joy and a lot of fun and laughs. Sarah, Sandra. Julia, Neil, Jeff, Chris, Cat, Dytie and Rob, you have all helped change my life. love always 🙂

Emily: To all Q Peeps, thank you for your supportive help! Its been an amazing journey full of fun and great memories. Much love to you all 🙂

Dora (online student): Q Academy- Wonderful Team! Great time during the clinic hours spending time with the friendly students and the support from all the fantastic team Thank you very much.