Gold Coast March 2012 Cert IV Grads

Kelly: a life changing experience courtesy of the encouragement and support from a dedicated team of course coaches and administration staff. A must for anyone interested in studying massage

Emily: Course coaches really made the difference in the course. i had good fun, i didn’t dread going to class, i enjoyed it and so had an easy learning experience.

Mel: a thorough and enjoyable course with outstanding course coaches who know their stuff. loved the course

Lesley: Now that we have finished i can honestly say……..thank goodness!!! lol. It was a hard slog but all in all i thoroughly enjoyed it. Our class was a great bunch of people and feel so blessed to have met them all. Our coaches, well, Chris, what a legend! thoroughly loved your teaching style. Thanks for everything. Sarah and Sandra are both wonderful ladies- i would recommend Q Academy to all my friends etc 🙂

Larissa: it was good experience with different style of training. This made it fun and exciting. From Russia with love

Noel: Q Academy is Awesome. Great experience very confident and proficient staff who do everything possible to help you through your course. Being a 50+ student, i felt confident to complete my course. outstanding support.

Shele: Loved everything about Q Academy. Professional and passionate staff and course coaches. Learnt so much! feel well equipped to pursue my career as a massage therapist. Looking forward to catching up with everyone again every year to renew my first aid. I met some great people/students who will be friends for life 🙂 thank you

Cassi: the course was great fun, learnt a lot, made friends. Actually had the best teacher in the world.