Cheryl: our class was great, i particularly enjoyed the massages from you all. Thanks guys my back feels hope ! This course was excellent and felt that the delivery and content was amazing. Thanks to all the teacher and office team for your support.

Natascha (online student): I really want to thank everyone at Q Academy, coaches, students, student support, everyone. I loved the experience, the course content, my clinic hours here and in Sydney. Doing the course in English was a challenge for me but i never felt disadvantaged so thanks again everyone. The only thing i regret, is not being able to do the Diploma with Q Academy due to location.

Lisa: Ive had the best experience doing student clinic at Q Academy on the Gold Coast. The coaches are great, very knowledgeably and friendly. The group of students I’ve met whilst up here are amazing. Thanks again.

Kim: My thanks to the instructors and class mates for making the course so interesting and enjoyable. The course was interesting and very challenging. completing the course gives me confidence to do the job well. I have gained many new friends and a new career.

Ania: thanks to both staff and students for making this educational experience memorable for all of the right reasons. Fantastic practical application and all rolled into an easy access, flexible course. I walk away with a new skill and friends to last a life time. Much Appreciate.

Rhys: loved the course. I have learnt so much here at Q Academy. I am amazed on how caring and passionate the staff are. They helped me in every way they could. I would highly recommend Q Academy to anyone who wants to get into the massage industry. I absolutely loved the different teaching styles of each teacher and their different backgrounds. I loved the classmates, the atmosphere, and the course content. I feel so confident in my massage after completing the course. So a big thank you to Q.

Sarah: Q Academy has allowed me to develop skills to become a new massage therapist at a level i feel is at a professional standard. I have enjoyed learning here with great amount of content that is on par with my previous uni anat and phys course. It is fun, new friends are made and excellent skills and techniques are applied. Thank you to all the staff at Q Gold Coast.

Jaci: Enjoyed the course and what i learned from it. I would recommend this course to others. I haven’t decided if i will do the diploma yet. Have great course coaches here and all the staff are always willing to help where needed.