Gold Coast Full Time Myotherapy – October 2017Gold Coast Full Time Myotherapy - October 2017

Giovanni – Enjoy DN and MOBS very much and I like using them in my treatments.

Jes – Myo is awesome! Fantastic classmates made it that much better 🙂

Alisdair – Was a pleasure to be in a class with such great group of people. Course coaches and admin were fantastic as well.

Cindy – I really enjoyed being here, it was a great 2 years of studying.

Andrew – The new approach to treatment is awesome, loved pain education, can’t wait to DN a paying customer.

Tasha – Great classmates, can’t wait to DN clients.

Caleb – Awesome class, great teachers. Happy to have met everyone.

Chris – Caught me on the table…..wasn’t me.

Angel – Everyone in my class are amazing