Gold Coast February 2019 Graduates

Kane- Wow! What a year, what a class! Every one moment of the year was filled with so much joy, I can’t thank Q Academy enough for the amazing support.

Ellie- Great year at Q. Learnt so much. loved picking the brains of all the amazing course coaches. My knowledge of anatomy now is beyond what I expected.

Rachael- What a valuable experience at Q! Loved working alongside the fantastic course coaches as I learned how to help others.

Mikaela- Coaches are passionate and knowledgeable about helping their students learn in the best way possible. Fun, Challenging and educational!

Chelsea- Such a great class, every moment of this year was so challenging but so rewarding- the support from everyone has been amazing.

Sabine- An amazing year, can’t wait to use my new massage skills. Thanks, Q Academy.

Amber- Love my class! You guys have made this course for me! Wish you all success.

James- Had fun, great classmate! Looking forward to the road ahead.

Joel- Best class ever! So happy to have been a part of such a great group, great classmates, great coaches.

Jill- This last year has been filled with EVERY emotion possible! Couldn’t have ploughed thru this course without my amazing classmates and course coaches help and support!!

Beth- Very inspiring. Make the most of this valuable experience.

Allison- Met some amazing life long friends and had an amazing journey. Awesome.

Liam- Jill 🙂 Love my group and made life long friends.

Tony- Learnt how the body works while surrounded by awesome people.

Shane- I like to cram, it was fun.

Cher- Lucky to have very knowledgeable coaches in the class and in the clinic.