Gold Coast 2015 Full-Time Diploma October Graduates

Jess: Through my time at Q Academy I have not only grown as a therapist but I also have grown as a person in the respect of learning more about myself and building confidence that I seriously didn’t know I had, it wasn’t an easy ride for me, I had a lot of obstacles along the way including coming into the class 2 weeks late, I didn’t let anything beat me though, I strived through with the support of my peers and the amazing staff at Q Academy. I met some lovely people along the way to and I have also made friends for life with some of my class mates. I will definitely be recommending Q Academy to anyone who asks me about doing massage, I wish I did my whole course there but I can’t turn back the clock. Thank you to all the staff at Q Academy and all of the amazing course coaches for always being there to support us all through the tough times and being there when we felt like giving up, your encouragement and lifting words definitely helped me through so again thank you.

Brigitte: I really enjoyed studying with Q. The teachers were great, the content was fascinating and the online tutorials were brilliant. (Not to mention the invaluable experience at clinic!) Thanks to Sarah and the team, I feel I can now re-enter the industry with renewed confidence, pride and a true sense of accomplishment.

Sam: Q Academy was amazing. Great staff, great students. An awesome place to be.

Evie: I’ve learned a lot studying at Q. Not just the interesting course content but also a lot about myself. QA has amazing supportive staff and has left me wanting to learn more. Looking forward to my next step as a remedial massage therapist.

Nong: I really enjoyed every moment to be here. I will miss this place so much. Thank you thank you and thank you to all of the coaches and classmate for everything.

Yuko: i enjoyed studying here very much. All coaches, classmates and staff here are very helpful. Thank you so much and i am very happy today.

Claire: Loved the outcome of this 2 year learning experience! Great staff and atmosphere to learn.

Aya: I loved my class! everyone is friendly and very helpful. Diploma course was intense but useful and valuable to learn. Love you Q Academy.

Tarnia: Q Academy went above and beyond to deliver a spectacular course. Thouroughly interesting and very supportive environment. I have made friends for life. Excited for the future!!!

Eiko: It was a very hard course for me, but everyone helped me so much. Thank you all so much 🙂

Tahnia: Great experience at Q Academy. I learnt so much that i never thought was possible. Awesome crew to see each week and the staff are so professional and welcoming. Thanks heaps.

Jade: Loved every little bit of this course, thank you 🙂