Gold Coast 2015 Full-Time Cert IV June Graduates

Trina: WOW!!! what a journey! started out not really knowing what to expect and wanting to do this as a side thing. Found the sports side of massage and found myself. Great content, coaches, support and awesome bunch of new friends that have become like family. (can’t wait to start diploma to further a career in sports massage.

Lia: Loved the course, the staff and the lovely colleagues/ friends. Thank you all for your help and support xx

Nat: I learnt so much amazing info and met some awesome people. Best course i have done and want to thank all the course coaches and staff for all the help and support.

Judi: We have come so far. Learnt so much. I am so proud of all us girls. We would not have gotten to the end without the help and support of the course coaches.

Tara: Gratifying to look back on where i started and to see how far i’ve come and everything i’ve learnt

Ashleigh: Glad to finish the long clinical hours and ecstatic on what i have learnt in the short period.

Clare: I had no idea the roller coaster ride i was in for when i signed up for this course. I have learnt so much and discovered so much more about myself on a personal level. The downs were always balanced with ecstatic highs and im so proud of my achievement and those of my fellow classmates.

Leanne: Thank you for your support and Encouragement. I have really loved this course.