When its Time for a Remedial Massage: 6 Signs that Say You Need One

When will you know if the body needs just a regular massage or a remedial massage?

There are several conditions that can be effectively treated by the latter. When any of these conditions are experienced, it might be a sign that its time to set up an appointment and consult with an expert therapist.

1. Repetitive Motion Disorder

When a person regularly trains for a certain sport, theres a possibility that one part of the body gets subjected to repeated, uninterrupted motions. This can inevitably lead to overuse and repetitive motion disorder. Tennis players, for example, usually get whats commonly known as the tennis elbow. Even for non-athletes, any type of prolonged and repetitive activity or posture can also result to a similar type of injury. A chef who chops ingredients the whole day, or an employee who types on their computer all day can get repetitive motion disorders. Fortunately, remedial massage can treat these.

2. Back Pain

Back pain can be experienced because of a strain due to bad posture or as a result of an injury. This can be extremely uncomfortable and can disrupt someone from going about their day. If this always happens and gets chronic, getting a remedial massage would be the best option. This can help ease knotted and even damaged muscles in the body. It can also calm the nervous system. Therapists, who have successfully completed a remedial massage course, are able to relieve back pain and other symptoms through a variety of techniques.

3. Body Tension

Other types of body tensions, including muscular spasms, tension headaches, frozen shoulders, Achilles tendon, strains and splints, can also be treated by remedial massage. Tight muscles will be stretched, overused muscles will be relaxed and muscular cramping will be reduced all these after just a session or two.

4. Joint Disorders

Remedial massage that works on the muscles near the joints will help improve joint strength and mobilisation. Aside from these, it can also help increase the range of motion in joints. So if joint disorders like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or carpal tunnel syndrome are a problem for you, it would be good to arrange an appointment with a therapist immediately.

5. Scar Tissue

Remedial massage can also aid in the improvement of damaged superficial tissue and in the promotion of tissue regeneration. Through a deep tissue treatment, scar tissue and adhesions left after an injury can be removed. For anyone who has experienced any type of injury, this will be good to avoid future re-injury.

6. Anxiety or Depression

Remedial massage can help someone cope with anxiety or depression. Multiple sessions can result to a decrease in cortisol levels, which are produced when one experiences stress; and an increase in serotonin and dopamine levels, attributed to mood improvement and relaxation.

Studies have shown that a remedial massage can effectively treat all these conditions and many more. It will treat both the symptoms and the causes of these disorders. A patient will then not only feel relaxed, but enjoy a pain-free future.

If you seek to heal and help patients experiencing any of these conditions, enrolling in one of our massage therapy courses at Q-Academy would be a wise option. Our up-to-date and science-based remedial massage courses in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast are delivered by highly qualified instructors and therapists.