Student Story – Josuah & Wolfy

My name is Josuah Roberts and I have a vision impairment. I have 5% vision in my left eye and 0% (blind) in my right. I first found out about Q Academy whilst doing some research on Massage colleges on the Gold Coast after my previous colleges RTO Status was revoked.

Right from the beginning, Sarah and the staff and course coaches at Q Academy were very understanding, supportive and flexible. I have a Seeing Eye Dog named Wolfy and he is turning 3 in November. He has been my Guide Dog since June 2017. When I first arrived at Q Academy, Sarah was very accommodating of Wolfy and his needs, and throughout the enrolment process has been working with me to set up a flexible system to ensure that Wolfy can attend the college, and have a place to rest whilst I’m in class or clinic.

I started studying at Q Academy in August 2018, in the Diploma of Remedial Massage course. Q Academy have been amazing in adjusting and adapting to having a guide dog on site,
and have been very supportive in assisting me to reach my goal of becoming a remedial massage therapist. There have been times where working with Wolfy has had its challenges, but we have always been able to find a solution or way around it.

During class Wolfy lays on a fluffy bed under my table and often surprises students who walk in, as they don’t see him there until he sticks his head out from underneath the table. Whilst I am in clinic or doing practical classes he stays on his bed with a few toys to keep him occupied throughout the day. We have learnt to keep the door closed as Wolfy has been known to take any opportunity he can to explore the college, especially when surprising an unsuspecting student. During my lunch break I have the opportunity to give Wolfy some grass time and to help get him settled again ready for the afternoon session.

Having Wolfy at the college also brings a lot of joy and variety to the other students, the course coaches and staff. Everyone at Q Academy has been, and is still extremely supportive of my study and the journey we are on and assisting me in reaching my goals. Thank you, Q Academy, for giving me this opportunity to gain the foundations to begin a new career!